See the best of Seattle’s worst – Only with Seattle Terrors

Dare you come face to face with the foul ghosts of Seattle’s gold rush era? Journey into the shadows with Seattle Terrors to find out!

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From the old Squamish Burial Grounds to the Northwest’s first elevator for corpses – the Seattle Terrors walking tour will lift the veil on how the dead persist in Cloud City.

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Ready to Unlock Seattle’s Haunted Secrets?

Seattle has ghost stories aplenty, from the original owners of the land to the many prospectors killed for their nuggets of Yukon Gold, Seattle has been a restless place for the living and the dead.

Seattle was started as a religious settlement by a group of teetotal devout Christians, before that the Squamish and Duwamish Native Americans had happily looked after the place for 10,000 years or so.

Seattle Ghosts tour starts from the Four Seasons Hotel and winds up back there after a mile and 8 spooky tales for the standard tour. The extended tour adds another 30 mins and around a half-mile of walking to 4 extra scares! We’ll cover the modern-day cult that started in Seattle, and left a tell-tale sign there, but ended with the largest mass suicide in US history, 39 people drunk applesauce and barbiturates believing it would allow them to hitch a ride aboard a comet to the promised land.

This insightful, 60-minute or 90-minute exploration of Seattle’s wildest haunts will keep you hooked from the very first moment. Each ghost story is based on extensive historical research and authentic, verified ghost sightings.

Want a Truly History-Based Experience?

Curious about the underlying stories behind Seattle’s ghosts? Finally, you’ll uncover the fascinating layers of Seattle’s history. You’ll meet Chief Seattle’s daughter, Kiksoblu, who still haunts Pike Place Market, daring undertakers who gambled on Seattle’s high death tolls, and the 100 Victorian women imported to Seattle from Boston to balance the male-female population. This fact-based ghost tour educates, captivates, and keeps you wanting more.

Seattle has a remarkable history with serial killers, starting with ‘Dr.’ Linda Hazzard, not really a doctor, she offered a fasting cure that was rumored to cure all manner of ailments, from general malaise to several kinds of Dropsy. Hazzard’s often lethal treatments targeted desperate people who had run out of options in Western medicine. She also convinced several of her delirious clients to sign over their estates to her and her partner!

Later on, in Seattle’s sordid history, more modern serial killers like Ted Bundy lived here. Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, prowled Seattle’s streets searching for his 49 confirmed victims from the edges of society; he was a hideous and deranged monster, evil to his core.

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Tour Info

The city of Seattle is made of stories. Ghost stories. These are stories about real people. Stories about triumphs and losses, riches and poverty, broken hearts, hopes for the future, epic romances, and real tragedies. Why do we choose ghost stories? Ghost stories are the stories that have survived, that are shared through time because they say something about the place, the people, and the history of Seattle. And that’s what gets us so excited about leading these epic tours. Sign up today to experience the magic up close.


All tours begin outside the Four Seasons Hotel, 99 Union Street, Seattle WA, 98101. The standard tour route takes you to 8 captivating locations, the standard tour is one hour, and one mile long, if you choose the extended your, it adds an extra 3 locations and approximately a half-mile to the standard route.

This is a walking tour, so you can expect to be on foot, right in the heart of some of Seattle’s most fascinating haunts. Tours are held every night, click on the ‘Buy Now’ link to see the schedule for tonight or future days. Please arrive at least ten minutes early, and allow plenty of time for parking and walking to the location.


Tours are approximately 1 mile long.


The Standard tour is 60 minutes of engaging, captivating exploration that you’ll remember for years to come, or

Add an extra 4 stops, half a mile more, and an extra 30minutes by diving into the extended tour.


Tour times vary, click the ‘Buy Now’ button to see current times and availability.


Tickets for our Seattle Terrors Ghost Tour must be purchased in advance and can be found online at our website. Tour guests are not required to print out tickets. Simply bring your ID and show up ready to start the tour!

Adults: $19
Kids under 12: $12
Kids under 6: $4.

You do NOT need to print tickets purchased online. Once your order is made online, you’ll be added to the list! You must attend the tour for the date and time of your purchase. Rescheduling may be done upon approval and may be subject to a 10% rescheduling fee.


There are several downtown parking ramps on union street and 2nd Avenue, two blocks walk from the tour start point.

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ElizabethAnn Dantuono

Review Rating
November 22, 2020

Emma was AWESOME ! I took my daughter and her friend for her 13 th birthday and they enjoyed it immensely !
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Review Rating
November 22, 2020

She was amazing! So much fun and informative. 10/10 would definitely recommend. Gives local reviews and little tid-bits. So awesome!
Read More

Kevin Krochmalny

Review Rating
November 13, 2020

Our tour guide (Jade) was excellent! She was knowledgable and enjoyable to listen to!
Read More

Rebecca Jarrett Tucker

Review Rating
October 31, 2020

Tour guide was fun and very knowledgeable about the history of Savannah and the ghosts that haunt the areas of Savannah
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Why should you book a tour with Seattle Terrors?

  • Your ghost tour is a fast-paced look at some of Seattle’s most haunted places. Your guide is an expert in the field, and will keep you hooked from the very first moment.

  • An Unforgettable Experience:

    60 minutes of engaging, captivating exploration that you’ll remember for years to come

  • 1-Mile Loop

    An easily walkable mile that takes you right back where you started

  • Professionals at Your Side

    World-class guides committed to your satisfaction

  • History Based

    Step back in time with a fact-based adventure

  • Surprises, Ghasps, and Laughs

    On a fast-paced journey that keeps you hooked from the first moment

  • In the Heart of the City

    Set in and around Seattle’s Pike Place, Post Alley, & Downtown Districts

  • No Pesky Segways

    A tour that’s on foot so you can fully experience the magic

    Ready for an adventure? Make sure you save your tour slot today!

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7 Reasons Guests Should Go on the Seattle Ghosts tour

  • An Authentic Ghost Tour Based on Facts from history

    Even if we didn’t mention a single ghost Seattle is a fascinating place, with a religious start, a rough and ready early history, and a collaborative and progressive recent history.  This rich tapestry of history gives these ghost stories a secure standing in time, and the ghost stories bring the historical eras to life in a grim and fascinating way.

    Like the cobblestones on the haunted Post Alley, they were ballast in ships from San Francisco, where the rubble from the earthquake was loaded into ships to be taken away. The stones arrived with their tragic energy just after the 1904 Earthquake that flattened much of the city.

    We guarantee you will be entertained, informed and just a little bit scared by the stories of horror and haunting that leap out of the pages of the history books.

  • Entertaining, with a historical twist

    Your guides are down to earth local experts, specially trained and deeply involved in the tour. Each adds their personal touch, their favorite stories, and their unique sense of humor. When you have to explain why outside the Market Theatre there is a wall caked in inches of used gum, you can only wonder at the thoughts that go through people’s minds. The City of Seattle at one time removed over a metric ton of gum from the famous gum wall.

    Even in the depths of human tragedy and the eternal suffering of ghosts, your tour guides have to keep their sense of humor, and we look forward to seeing smiles on your face as we enlighten and entertain.

  • Entertainment for everyone

    We don’t want to cause any sleepless (In Seattle) nights, especially for any younger tour members, but we do want to give you spooky stories to remember for years to come. A perfect souvenir of your time in Seattle. They say an experience is better than an object, and this experience will stay with your whole group, whenever you think of Seattle, you will think Ghosts!

    While standing at Pike Place Market, you’ll hear about the hundreds of empty stalls that were left after 110,000 Japanese Americans were interred in camps for the duration of the Second World War, and the huge influence they had on the culture of Seattle.

  • Learn New Stories about the Rain capital of the northwest

    Perhaps as a young person in the countryside, one might be paid for collecting Varmint. Farmers, landowners, or even the State would reward you for taking away unwanted visitors for helping rid the fields and skies of pests, collecting a nickel for a rat, or a dollar for a Racoon say.

    In Seattle, at the turn of the last century, the same system was employed by the City of Seattle, except the unwanted pest was human corpses. The rough and dirty town had a very high mortality rate, form disease, violence, and too much of everything. Undertakers would be paid $50 to remove corpses from the streets, something the residents understandably did not take kindly to. We will question whether, like Varmint hunters, the undertakers might have been a little too enterprising in their pursuit of the bounties?

  • Even if you are a Non-Believer – fun is guaranteed.

    Ghosts appear and respond more to the young, and animals, who don’t have the barriers of disbelief and denial that most adults do. Both ends of the spectrum of believers in the supernatural are welcome on the Seattle Terrors tours. Your guides won’t try and change your mind either way, but we do guarantee that whatever your attitude to ghosts, you will have a good and memorable tour through the spooky streets of Seattle.

    It is hard not to believe that the ghost of Kikisoblu, daughter of the Duwamish people’s Chief when Seattle was just getting going, still haunts the Pike Place Market. In her trademark red cape, selling her trinkets and posing for photographs, just like she did after the rest of her tribe was forced to move to reservations away from their ancestral lands. She has been outfoxing police officers and tourists ever since.

  • In Town and Not Sure of What to Do.

    Seattle has many ways to occupy your days. Lots of them are food-related Seattle dogs, Oysters, or Chowder fries, perhaps? Or the SAM, Seattle art Museum, but that closes at 5 pm… To really get the most out of your time in Seattle, you should really consider the Seattle Terrors walking tour, just after dinner, and before the night really kicks off.

    Your tour will take you to the places you really should know about in Seattle, but instead of just going there and seeing the nice buildings, we’ll give you the historical scoop and make those facts stick with stories of the resident ghosts and ghouls.

  • A Memorable Experience.

    It’s the ghosts that make Seattle memorable, but as well as hearing the scary ghost tales you also get the history of this fascinating city. For example, the Butterworth & Sons Mortuary on busy First Avenue was a state of the art shop and factory for disposing of the dead. Including the first corpse elevator on the West Coast. The mortuary backs onto Post Alley, where corpses would be piled up after a particularly violent night in Seattle.  The Alley also has its own ghost story. Join the tour to find out her story.

Now, It’s Time to Experience the Mystery for Yourself…

As fun as a sneak peek is, it’s nothing compared to the real thing. When you take a Seattle Terrors tour, you’ll stand on the very spot where some of Seattle’s most frightening events have taken place, and you’ll step back in time through history to relive that wildness of Seattle’s earliest years.

Every Seattle Terrors fills up fast, especially during peak season. So reserve your place today to experience some of the spookiest, scariest stories on planet earth.

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